Jumaat, 29 Oktober 2010

it's a simple reminder to all of us..

Today, we had a gathering.
We play a simple game. We pray. We sing. We praise & worship.
Madam Christina join us today...
after praise & worship, she shared with us something that is very important & meaningful to each of us.
it opens our eyes, mind, heart & soul.
its a good reminder to everyone.
how much we should b glad & b grateful in our life..
she shared about our 'Book of Life' & 10 Guides that God gives to us.
her question: If today is your last day, what will you do????
there are lots of answers from our friends.
and i totally agree with them.
do you know WHAT IS 'BOOK OF LIFE' & 10 GUIDES given by God???
do you want to KNOW IT?????
lets explore together......

3 ulasan:

Kumang Menyarung berkata...

learn lots of new things today. thanx madam for d sharing. ^^,

White Dove berkata...

chan, kati ka post something ba blog kitai tok?

alicelissie berkata...

say it..."Lord, i'm Yours"

TCF daily prayer....