Jumaat, 4 September 2009


Is the Lord Jesus honoured in your home? Why would Jesus' relatives be so upset with him when he began his public ministry? On 1 occasion Jesus remarked that a man's enemies will be the members of his own household(Matthew 10:36). The Goepel of Mark records the reaction of his relatives when he went home; they came to seize him. They, no doubt thought that Jesus must have gone mad or become a religious fanatic. How could a good home-body from Nazareth leave his father's carpentry trade & go off to become an itinerant preacher? Jesus had thrown away the security & safety of a quite & respectable life close to his family & relatives. He, undoubtedly, expected opposition from the Jewish authorities. The hardest opposition, however, may come from someone close to us, even our own kin. Jesus met opposition with grace & with determination to fullfill his Father's will. Are you ready to obey & to follow the Lord even if others oppose your doing so?

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