Rabu, 9 September 2009

The end of the world???

When is the World going to End?

We are naturally curious about the future and especially have questions like: “When is the world going to end?” and “Will we know ahead of time the date when the world is going to end?” People of every age, religion and nationality are asking these questions.

Signs that the world is going to end soon

People are looking at the signs that the world is going to end, with anxiety and fear. The signs are all around us.

There is global warming, rising gas and energy prices, shortages of food and water, disasters on land and sea. There are new diseases and economic uncertainty. Terrorist activity is increasing and banks are failing.

But conditions in the world have been getting progressively worse for many years. How do we know when things have gotten so bad that the world is soon going to end?
How can we know when the world is going to end?

What are reliable indicators for the end of the world? Some people rely on tabloids and Mayan calendars. Some people look at disasters in the world or their own feelings to tell them when the world will end.

There is only one way we can be certain about when the world is going to end. There is only one reliable, accurate source to find the answer to “When is the end of the world going to be?”

God is the only one who actually knows the future. And fortunately for us, He gave us a Bible prophecy that leads us to the very year when the world is going to end.

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